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The studio will operate on a yearlong calendar, excluding the remainder of the month of June (depending on our Day Of  Dance performance date) to break from the previous year. Should weather conditions make it unsafe for our dancers to commute to the studio, instructors will cancel classes. If the calendar permits, the instructor may re-schedule the class(es) missed due to inclement weather. Credits or refunds on Monthly Tuition will not be made. Please keep an eye out for cancellations on our Facebook page or our app. 


Holidays Observed:

Thanksgiving Break

Christmas Break

February Vacation

Memorial Day

4th of July



Classes are scheduled by age but MOSTLY by ability. The studio will be open during the evenings through-out the week and on Saturday mornings. Please remember that Stagelights Studio reserves the right to change any scheduling conflicts at their own judgement. Please look over our projected schedule for the upcoming year in your packet of paperwork upon registration. If you have any questions, comments, or conflicts with the schedule please do not hesitate to speak to the front desk.

Please refer to Student/Parent Handbook for additional information on private lessons and make-up lessons.


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