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All students in the following class types will be required to wear a Stagelights Studio bodysuit to every class:








We will be very strict about this policy. Consider this our studio uniform. 

It presents a clean, structured dance environment. Bodysuits will be available at time of registration.

*Select registration dates for free bodysuit. Check for dates on Message Board.


Boys–  Boys may wear athletic or sweat pants with a fitted T-shirt (no oversize baggy T-shirts or sweatshirts).


Hip Hop- Comfortable clothing is allowed for hip hop classes. Although, students should not be distracted by the clothing they have on (too big, baggy, falling off, etc.)


Open Classes– Comfortable clothing that allows for movement is recommended.


Pink tights are required for all ballet classes, as well as having hair tied in a neat, tight ballet bun.


Tan tights are okay for all other classes.


Students may wear a light sweater over bodysuit on cooler days for the first 10 minutes of class during warmups and then will be required to take it off once teaching has begun.


*No jeans will be allowed in any dance class. We are requiring all proper attire to be worn for safety and comfort.


Please review Student/Parent Handbook for more information on our dress code policy and shoe requirements.

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